Holding Sharp and Soft


Many people know Laura as a dancer, but few know that she has a beautiful singing voice and writes great songs.  This is one of them.  There are other versions of this on youtube that she likes better for her singing.  I chose this particular take to post here because  I feel like the song and the dance come together better here. Trying to combine the rigidness of the repeated fan with the soft lyrics was a challenge we found interesting.   I had to find ways to be soft in my dance while keeping the rhythm going. Holding both sharp and soft in my body simultaneously AND listening to her expression was my goal.  Here there is some nice listening going on. It became a duet in this take. 


About Holly Shaw

Holly Shaw is a San Francisco Bay Area dancer and choreographer who has performed as a soloist with Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos off and on for several years. Shaw is the creator of the Eve’s Elixir project, a platform for artists of contemporary world dance wanting to bring new ideas to traditional dance forms, and has produced several shows in San Francisco. Her flow between contemporary modern dance, flamenco and Middle-eastern styles makes her a unique choreographer. Shaw has spent years training Bay Area dancers in technique and improvisation, challenging them to dance from a deeper level and uncover their unique style.

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