Holding Space


Holding Space seems to be a theme in my life right now.  Sitting with the open spaces of my life as opposed to trying to fill them up with needless activities, people, movement, etc. I know a lot of people who are holding space, otherwise known as waiting (although waiting has a impatient sort of component to it don’t you think?).  It seems like it can be a tough thing to do sometimes – hold space.  It is easier to just accept whatever crosses your path in just so you don’t get bored or fidgety. Whether you are waiting for a moment to attack a movement as you dance, or waiting for the perfect relationship or job to manifest, holding space is something that takes practice.  I’ll have to say that my flamenco mentor, Yaelisa, really taught me a lot about holding space.  In flamenco you have to hold space a lot before your “attack” or while waiting for the singer to begin the next letra.  It is a good practice for life, I think.  How to be, to enjoy where you are while maintaining a positive outlook and anticipation of what is coming. I really wanted to explore this physically through dance, so that is what I did here.  This is the most “non-movement” movement exploration I’ve done. . . er, because I’m. . y’know holding space. Not filling it with a lot of movement. This video is for all the people trying to stay positive and allowing the light to seep in – this is for all the space holders out there.


About Holly Shaw

Holly Shaw is a San Francisco Bay Area dancer and choreographer who has performed as a soloist with Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos off and on for several years. Shaw is the creator of the Eve’s Elixir project, a platform for artists of contemporary world dance wanting to bring new ideas to traditional dance forms, and has produced several shows in San Francisco. Her flow between contemporary modern dance, flamenco and Middle-eastern styles makes her a unique choreographer. Shaw has spent years training Bay Area dancers in technique and improvisation, challenging them to dance from a deeper level and uncover their unique style.

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