Transplanting Movement


For those of you actually interested in my process, I’ve posted another video showing the evolution of “Effort and the Triumph of Being.”  In April, I’m going to be performing with Caminos Flamencos at the San Francisco Opera House and I have to create a solo to the trumpet part of Ravel’s Boléro.  After working on it for awhile, I listened to Os Meus Olhos and the movement seemed like it would be really interesting to it, so I started working with it to that song instead. I do this often with choreography.  Create it to one song and then “transplant” it to the song I’ll be using in the end (although in this instance, I will be using Boléro in the end, but perhaps Os Meus Olhos down the road.)  This can sometimes help me avoid cliches or ruts.  If I’m dancing to the music all the time, then the choreography can land flat. Also, this is helpful when I’m stuck with something and the ideas are not flowing with a particular piece because I’m just not vibrating with it at the time.  I’ll put on some music that I am vibrating with, that makes me WANT to dance and then allow the creativity to flow through that avenue. 


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