Holly LIVE! at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival


I love networking and creating with people who are doing fascinating things.  I’m in luck cause the Bay Area is FULL of them.  I recently re-connected with Katy Alaniz Rous who directs World Dance Fusion among other things.  She, like me, is a dancer with an insatiable desire to learn new movement and has studied over twenty different forms of dance (so far;).  Beautiful and confident to boot, she is incredibly fun to be around and so when we get together it is non-stop conversation and exchange of ideas.  She asked me if I’d like to perform as a guest artist with her company this weekend at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival.  Naturally, I said yes. 

So if you didn’t get a chance to see me last weekend, I will be performing the same piece, Effort and the Triumph of Being, this weekend:

June 9, 2012
Saturday 3:00pm
San Francisco Free Folk Festival
Holly Shaw solos as a guest artist
with Katy Alaniz Rous’ dance
company, World Dance Fusion.
Free! SF Folk Festival
Faith Petric Stage
450 30th Avenue (@ Geary)


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