With the Music of Bullfrogs

With the Music of Bullfrogs

There are many things I love about coming to Three Rivers every year: the warm awesome people, the refreshing Kaweah river, the proximity of the grand Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks (some of the most beautiful nature in the world!), but what makes it really special is the Cort Gallery where I hold my workshops.  The Cort Gallery, set on the main strip of Three Rivers, was built and designed by Gary Cort, an artist and architect who still lives there.  It is a magical place featuring a lily pond, a large art gallery/dance studio, a tower (you can imagine where Aleister spends his time) and many different outdoor/indoor living and sleeping spaces.  This year we actually slept there for the duration of our stay in Three Rivers and I lived in my own fantasy the whole time – a real little artist in residence.  In the mornings I would wake up and make dances on the vine covered deck (like the one featured here) with the bullfrogs as my burping chorus and spend the rest of the morning in the spacious studio with the Gary’s inspiring artwork surrounding me.  This little gem was done early in the morning before anyone was awake. One of my favorite times of day:


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