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Five Year Update: I wrote a Book!


Do you ever get those little memory messages from Facebook? The ones showing you something you posted years ago and asking if you’d like to re-share it?  “We, here at Facebook, care about your memories and thought you might like to share this. . . ” Well, lately I’ve been getting many that pop up from four or five years ago.  There I am, doing my 365 project or just afterwards, smiling, slimmer, making tons of dance, posting creative insights.

I’m feeling like it’s a nudge to reflect. A reminder to pause and realize what I launched five years ago.

Five years ago, September of 2011, I started this little blog project.  . . I thought it’d be neat to make a dance every single day.  To dive into the deep end of my creative mind.  Little did I realize that I would lose my job a year later and launch a business coaching performing artists and creatives.

And little did I know that five years later, I would write a book about my creative research that would make me an Amazon bestselling author!

A lot can be done in one year. You can start and finish projects, you can meet someone and fall in love, you can get injured and recover.  But as I get older a year feels shorter and shorter. Or perhaps it is that the things I desire become larger and tougher to achieve in one year. I’m starting to realize the world in bigger chunks. I’m beginning to recognize that there are also five year arcs of time where ideas are started, launched, and finished.

Ok, hell. Look, I don’t mean to sound all show offy.  Let’s be real. This is the first time I’ve felt the Five Year Arc.  And I think I just made up that term, “Five Year Arc.” But it’s fun to notice.  And I ask myself, how can I let myself develop more slowly over time?  How can I look forward five years and realize bigger and bigger dreams this way?  What have I been putting off because it felt too hard to do in one year?  And most importantly,

Where would I like to be five years from now?

The creative mind doesn’t always like moving in a linear fashion. I’m still not totally convinced I can decide exactly where I want to be and move forward that way.  For me, my dreams of the future are less detail focused and more feeling focused.

I’m not sure exactly what I will be doing, but I do know how I want to feel.

And that I  think I will have written a few more books by then. . .

If you’d like a peek into my fully articulated discoveries, the stories of coaching artists, and basically the gems of the last five years of creative research since launching the 365 dances project, then check out my book here:



How to create original work consistently, with pleasure


I’m sure you would agree that time in the studio is precious – and having been a working mother – I always felt this overwhelming pressure to “get things done” in the studio.  This attitude didn’t always create the best work and so I started paying attention and studying what did.  Many of you have witnessed this study through this 365 dances project. As I worked through my own pressures to create new work I discovered a very clear method – that when I followed it – produced great results!  I first began teaching this method in a dance workshop I developed, The Deeper Lab, Flamenco Composition for dancers.  As we put together the day’s agenda and intensive, we wanted to really optimize the dancer’s stamina, mindset and energy resources. So we structured the day using The Three Keys as the framework with great results.  Since then, I’ve not only used The Three Keys to lead effective workshops, but also as a way to understand how the artists that I coach are working for or against themselves.  This first video introduces the Three Keys to Creative Freedom.  You can watch the next three short videos, plus a BONUS video helping you use these tools by visiting my website:

Enjoy! and tell me what you think! I would love to hear how these work for you.


Sharing A 365 Day Challenge With All Of YOU!

Exciting news, peeps! Ok, so you know how I took that one year of my life (2011-2012) to dedicate myself to making at least a little bit of dancing every single day?  Remember how it just totally shifted and changed my friggin life? Well, I was thinking about that as I was talking to an artist, a young man who choreographs and who, as he described it, “feels lost and found all at once when he’s really dancing,” and I just thought, why not just share this with everyone?  So I did a little investigating with some artists I know, thought about what would be most fun for everybody and decided to put together a big ole 365 Day Challenge for Artists.  Basically, the deal is that once you’re registered you’ll be invited to a private Facebook group with other artists taking the challenge where you’ll be encouraged to post at least one video, recording, or otherwise sample of your work a week. Depending on your personal goals, these can be improvements on the same projects, or different “sketches” of ideas every time.  I’m imagining a supportive community where you can share not only your work, but your thoughts, challenges, triumphs and inspiration with others doing the same.  


I feel like there is something so incredibly powerful about taking yourself seriously in your craft.  It says to the world, “Hey world! Listen up! I’m not farting around anymore!” and the world responds by bringing great ideas, great people to work with, and an onslaught of opportunities you couldn’t even have dreamed up. The 365Dances I finished in 2012 was really just a beginning.  I’m still living the momentum that I created from that.  And that’s a feeling I’d love other artists to share and discover.  That and, you know, I’m just a really curious person.  I’m really interested to know: what’s gonna happen to you when make art that interests you for 365 days straight? Are you gonna wig out, start a revolution, go around with messy hair and blurry eyes from your ideas keeping you up all night? Probably all of those things.  I’d love to find out.   Visit to register.  Oh yeah, and you can begin anytime between now and March 31st – spring is also clever for feeling inspired – and it’s your project afterall.  

Love you guys – all of you – all you wily coyote artists.


For American Viewers


As you might have noticed, the official 365dances project is coming to a close soon and so you may be wondering what I will be doing next.  I had planned on continuing dancing and making videos (although perhaps not as often) and posting dance commentary, articles, and essays.  But I was also really hoping to begin posting other people’s dance videos that I really enjoy or find inspiring.  I wasn’t going to start until after September 2nd, the official end of my year-long project, but when I saw this video of Akram Khan’s work from the 2012 Opening of the Olympic Games which was omitted from American viewers by NBC, I figured now is as good as time as any.  This bold and riveting contemporary dance piece should be seen by as many as possible: