Too small to be blogged, but too truthful or funny to be missed: below are some of my facebook tweets since I began this project.  The wisdom is in my very own words unless otherwise noted. You may now deliciously quote me, Holly Shaw, wherever you like.

I really enjoy the part of my personality that others would label as “inappropriate.” I like to call them “freedom” 10/18/12

Carefully I seek out the pieces to my misery and fling them to the ends of the earth so that they shall never be united again into full view. . . or something like that;) 10/14/12

Creating on other dancers is incredibly rewarding. I get to see my vision wholly as opposed to making a dance on myself. There is a whole other level of generosity and satisfaction as you give yourself over to making art on others. 8/28/12

Dancing every day was, at first, a discipline but then it stuck when I began to realize it was me WANTING to spend a little time every day with what I loved. I am learning to play my body as an instrument instead of work it. 8/12/12

Rum is like liquid love. . . And coffee is liquid focus 7/10/12

Just discovered the silver lining to being a sometimes poor listener: your spirit isn’t concerned with the nit picky minutiae, the gossip, the intricate details of your problems. The greater part of you is puffing on the poppy pipe in the fluffy cloud of your solutions. The greater part of you isn’t listening to that other shit so why should I? When you complain, me and your greater self are both spacing out – daydreaming of you happy 7/7/12

It’s taken me 25 years but I have finally decided my stage name should be “Yes!” 6/12/12

Within each of us there are songs, dances, stories, drawings, buildings, potions. . . solutions and evolutions. If we stop to listen, they will surface. And if we listen long enough they will swim and splash on the surface and party like a high school girl’s reuinion with an open wet bar! 6/12/12

Discovered key to magic workout in the studio: the discipline to warm up and line up properly, and then the freedom to let go of all discipline and just play! 6/1/12

Finally! I made some progress on this dance. Channeling Rocio Molina and Charlie Chaplin in the studio. They are both playful and do funny things so that actually makes sense! 5/24/12

When I can’t find the words to write about something then I know it falls into that realm that can only be expressed through dance. When I can’t find the movements to dance something then I slouch in my bed eating cold saffron rice out of a tupperware container and read the New Yorker. 5/22/12

Every family has its quirks: in mine, water balloons make their way into dances. 5/20/12

Catching up to your desires is the business of life. 5/8/12

About my experience at the Tamalpa training:

I’m going to school to learn to hear the voice of my soul:) 5/2/12

My soul speaks Spanish and I can’t understand when it habla at me so fast!! 5/5/12

My soul speaks Art fluently. 5/6/12

My spirit wants more space in this relationship. 5/6/12

I went to school to listen to the voice of my soul but I couldn’t hear it. I found out later that     it was playing hooky. It stayed home and built with Legos, wrapped the house in toilet paper and when I came home met me at the door with chocolate on its chin and a finger painting of me presented in gleeful hands. My soul doesn’t want me to try so hard. My soul just wants me to play. 5/14/12

·                                  Anytime you resist the urge to beat up on yourself after a performance, you grow as an artist, 100 fold.


·                                     Someone asked me recently wasn’t I worried people would steal my choreography off the internet and my response to that is that yes, they could steal it from me, but they would never be able execute it the same as me. They might do it better.


·                                     “Be Free Bitches!!!!!”

-spiritual wisdom from the ladies bathroom wall


·                                     Everything is either a Hell Yes! for me right now or a Hell No! There is no in-between!


·                                     You are more than you think you are and all that you feel you are.



·                                     “In the end, all collaborations are love stories.” –Twyla Tharp


·                                     There’s a lot you can try to teach people, but the most important things are learned by example.


·                                     Dance as an art form is like an etch-a-sketch. You make it, then you shake it, then it’s gone;)


·                                     Holly Shaw will be working from inside the vortex the rest of the day.


·                                     “I worry that I’ll go down to the dock, and that my ship will have already come and gone. I’ll miss my boat.” . . . we say, another boat, another boat, another boat. You have no idea how many boats are coming to your dock. It’s a steady stream, and it doesn’t matter how many of them you’ve missed.
-Abraham (from Esther Hicks)


·                                     I am leaving FB and not coming back until I finish choregoraphing this Mother F*$#& Guajiras!


·                                     Well the road map is there at least!


·                                     I love the happy “accidents” that happen during a performance! Watching a great performer make a mistake and then go with it, transform it. It is like watching a piece of ourselves and so the dancer becomes our hero. These are always my favorite parts!


·                                     Describe yourself as a work of art.


·                                     If I were a painting I’d be tucked away in a villa somewhere in the country, loved by generations of one family and smudged by the curious fingertips of children. I’d leave you with the feeling of a well-lit Maxfield Parrish.


·                                     Shamans say the planets are not aligned for this dance, but my suspicion is they just don’t feel like putting on the friggin costume


·                                     I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t trust me to trust myself.


·                                     Always on the lookout for The Exceptional



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