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Change in Costume at the Mutual Appreciation Station


Just last weekend I had about five other dancers over to my house for a clothing swap.  Just for those of you that don’t know, a clothing swap is when you bring together a bunch of folks who want to get rid of their old digs and find some new.  Everyone brings clothes they don’t want anymore, you know those items that they bought on a whim and never worn or have outgrown, put them all in a big pile in the middle of the floor and spend an hour or two rummaging through other peoples’ things.  With the right women this is a wildly fun process. Not only do you get to try on new stuff, but there is a lot of “ooooh look Tracy, this would look great on you with your big booty” or similar adoring comments.  It becomes a kind of Mutual Appreciation Station. The end result is everyone leaves with at least a few free new items to spice up their wardrobe and feeling hecka good about themselves.  The remaining garments that nobody wants are bagged up and taken to Goodwill or a charity drop.

It was my friend, Hannah Romanowsky, that suggested we do it – she insists that clothing swaps are the wave of the future; but for me the timing was just perfect.  As I leave the financial district world behind me in my career as an artist, I’m open to leaving behind the personality-less wardrobe as well. Before the girls showed up I went through my closet I yanked loads of “office” clothes from their hangers and into my contribution pile: pencil skirts, business casual pants, plain boat neck tops, and anything beige. It was all going! Luckily there was one woman there with an “office” fetish;) But my high heels, well, c’mon now! My high heels. . .I admit that they have stayed;)