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Intimate Audiences


Finally I got a good video of this piece! And I ask you, what flamenco dancer doesn’t want to dance in front of flames? This piece, Effort and The Triumph of Being debuted at the LEVYdance Salon on June 2nd earlier this year.  I am still working it and refining it.  This was an interesting performance because it was challenging to perform something like this for an intimate audience.  It forced me to be brave and play with the audience.  Genius. Just what I needed.


What did YOU do on your lunch break today?


Well, I fought the wind, pavement, and pedestrians to get a video of today’s dance darnit!  The wind was so strong it was blowing over my speakers and heavy bag! I mean. . . you work really hard on some choreography and then you try to get an accurate representation captured on video and well, damnit! . . .nevermind I don’t want to talk about it. Excuses are bullshit.  All of them. You may quote me on that.

I really love the siren blaring at the appropriate moment.