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Intimate Audiences


Finally I got a good video of this piece! And I ask you, what flamenco dancer doesn’t want to dance in front of flames? This piece, Effort and The Triumph of Being debuted at the LEVYdance Salon on June 2nd earlier this year.  I am still working it and refining it.  This was an interesting performance because it was challenging to perform something like this for an intimate audience.  It forced me to be brave and play with the audience.  Genius. Just what I needed.


Video Schmideo


Well obviously when I give a performance that I feel very good about OF COURSE something will go awry and I will not get it all on video.  In this instance, I had too many videos (um er, ahem) on my iPhone and so it ran out of space after just a minute of dance. Well clearly some things are not meant to travel past the ephemeral. But I did get this: