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Fun is Funner


Today I went to go watch my friend, Kathryn Rhone, belly-dance at the Carnival of Stars belly-dance festival in Richmond.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a huge turnout in audience at that hour on a Sunday, but Kathryn was vibrant in her shimmying and filling up the room with her performance anyhow.  Afterwards, she brought her beaming smile over to where I sat and said lightly, “oh, the dancer who is supposed to go next is injured so she just left. . . wanna go on?”  “Oh! Really?” I inquire coyly, “well, of course! ha hahahah. . . I mean, I don’t have a costume or anything.” With a twinkle in her eye, Kathryn grabs my hands and pulls me to the stage (and you know me. . she really had to twist my arm;) throwing a hip scarf over my skinny jeans.  So. Then. This. Happened.

All I remember is the feeling of there being no expectations and having tremendous fun.  And later when I watched the video just now I thought: wow, this is proof that spontaneity and joy really are fun to watch.


To Me It Was Dancin’


Soo you see I haven’t had as much time to myself lately as I would like.  Oh I get to technique class a couple times a week, teach my own classes, you know, but as far as having that mental and real-time physical space to actually create new stuff. . . well, it’s been rough.  I was bound and determined to create something “good” today.  I got up and forced my 4 year old nephew and 9 year old son into the mist soaked woods near our house in order to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN when, after an hour of them sword fighting in the living room whilst I tried to dance had driven me almost over the edge.  The video of the woods is still in the editing room.  In fact, it may never come out.  After an hour of trying to make something decent with, of course, awesomely perfect lighting, but ornery children I finally gave up and trudged the kids two miles onward to the park where I fumed on a park bench and they gleefully flung mud on each other and the jungle gym.  Ah, parenthood. Ah auntie-hood.

So, but finally later that night, after watching and laughing at the woods video, Aleister and I got inspired and decided to make an impromptu lip-synch video.  This is what you do when you NEED to dance and you are a mum.  Sometimes this is what it looks like and WELL it isn’t art maybe, but to me – it was dancin’.

Bringing A Fan to A Wind Tunnel is like. . .


I really felt like dancing today. I feel like life has come into sharp focus and all possibilities are open to me.  So even though I set up to do an elegant fan dance, when the music changed this happier little dance came out instead.  I’m telling you.  These things decide themselves.  Sorry for the duplicate location from “Boxed.” It is just that the lighting is soooo good and there’s soooo much space . . . surely you understand.

Lighten Up


Lately a lot of darker characters have been coming through me and my work.  Perhaps it’s the time year.  Samhain, when the veil was thin, or Day of the Dead – somewhere in there things took a definite turn to the dark side.  I don’t know exactly why, but I’m going to blame it on that scary, angry little masked girl who came through [see Day 62 “Little Girls” video].  It’s like, once I let her in, a whole host of darker shadow types have been knocking.  Wanting me to express them.  Well, so since a lot of my work lately has been dark, I felt like I needed a little respite.  I am actually rather cheerful and feeling happy these days. Today I felt like dancing happy.  This here is what I would call a little traditional Holly-dancing.