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Sharing A 365 Day Challenge With All Of YOU!

Exciting news, peeps! Ok, so you know how I took that one year of my life (2011-2012) to dedicate myself to making at least a little bit of dancing every single day?  Remember how it just totally shifted and changed my friggin life? Well, I was thinking about that as I was talking to an artist, a young man who choreographs and who, as he described it, “feels lost and found all at once when he’s really dancing,” and I just thought, why not just share this with everyone?  So I did a little investigating with some artists I know, thought about what would be most fun for everybody and decided to put together a big ole 365 Day Challenge for Artists.  Basically, the deal is that once you’re registered you’ll be invited to a private Facebook group with other artists taking the challenge where you’ll be encouraged to post at least one video, recording, or otherwise sample of your work a week. Depending on your personal goals, these can be improvements on the same projects, or different “sketches” of ideas every time.  I’m imagining a supportive community where you can share not only your work, but your thoughts, challenges, triumphs and inspiration with others doing the same.  


I feel like there is something so incredibly powerful about taking yourself seriously in your craft.  It says to the world, “Hey world! Listen up! I’m not farting around anymore!” and the world responds by bringing great ideas, great people to work with, and an onslaught of opportunities you couldn’t even have dreamed up. The 365Dances I finished in 2012 was really just a beginning.  I’m still living the momentum that I created from that.  And that’s a feeling I’d love other artists to share and discover.  That and, you know, I’m just a really curious person.  I’m really interested to know: what’s gonna happen to you when make art that interests you for 365 days straight? Are you gonna wig out, start a revolution, go around with messy hair and blurry eyes from your ideas keeping you up all night? Probably all of those things.  I’d love to find out.   Visit movingtowardsyourdesires.com to register.  Oh yeah, and you can begin anytime between now and March 31st – spring is also clever for feeling inspired – and it’s your project afterall.  

Love you guys – all of you – all you wily coyote artists.